Andris Walds


Location: North London

Born and raised in Latvia. Since 2009 live in UK and since 2010 living in London.

My artistic influences go through all art styles, I enjoy primitive art, classicism, impressionism, expressionism and modern art. I did many Performance arts, video arts.

Now I m more focused on oil painting where I explore structure options and color harmony and sometimes I do video art.
When I start to create, I don’t start work from consciousness, I work without sketches and a work name, I described only the general guidelines of the work, composition division, tonal dominance, then I only connected with my subconscious and avoid from far-fetched, my subconscious will be driving my work to forward, all that interests me during the current period will come out and materialize in the creative manifestation. After comes to the stage when the work should be organized in the logical structure, during the work process this moment will mark itself.


- NOA.Selected for the 21st National Open Art Exhibition 2017
17 – 26 Nov(Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London)
- NOA. National Open Art Moving Image Competition 2017(shown in the online
Galleries on the National Open Art website)
- No Format Gallery / June 2015/ London
- Before - Latvia/ Estonia/Poland/