Andrew Mitchelson

Location: London
Website: (webspace under construction)

I predominantly work as a collaborator, often in the role of producer, curator, editor or project manager. I am also an artist working in Performance. I enjoy working across disciplines, structures and international contexts and I come alive when I am creating situations where high quality art and ideas
can come to fruition that engage audiences, ask a viewer to "look again" and bring people together. I am interested in working on projects, with other arts professionals and artists, at all stages of that process. I enjoy creating and supporting solid contexts in which great art can be encountered and am particularly passionate about performance practices that attempt to redefine and explore new ways of being human in the world and highlight the very nature of our collective human rights.


As one part of Mitch & Parry I have performed for Duckie as part of Performance and Cocktails and at their 17th Birthday at Royal Festival Hall, the MKII Gallery, Act Art, Shunt, Spill Festival and Trouble Festival (Brussels). More recently I led the final 60th recitation of the late Monica Ross' project Acts of Memory at the United Nations in Geneva at the 23rd session of the Human Rights Council.
As editor, I have recently collaborated on catalogues for Rachel Gadsden's Unlimited Global Alchemy and Architects of Air's Most Beautiful.
I have produced work for Pete Edwards, Alinah Azadeh, Julia Bardsley and Andrew Poppy, and worked on major events in Rio de Janeiro with Panorama Festival, and the Royal Opera House and Unlimited Festival with Peoples Palace Projects.