Pascal Ancel Bartholdi


Location: London

Pascal Ancel Bartholdi is foremost a painter who uses photography in all its variations to rediscover this ancient form of expression.
He completed a fine art degree in 2000 and an MA photography in 2009.He has curated several exhibitions: Edge of Extinction at Lo and Behold gallery space, Art of Imperfection at Doomed Gallery,Shadows of Childhood in progress, Edge of the Land Video night at the Hundred years gallery. He is involved in a collaborative project with Michele Durante, “Twitterview”, a pseudo‘trivial’ comedy interview turning the art talk on its head against the grain of theoretical jargon.
His increasing passion for multi media has also resulted in a number of time based projects in digital/video format : Anthropofungus Conception screened in Vibe gallery, Bermonsey and for photomonth east London Films BY Photograohers at Rich Mix , Eschatocene,the first Scene of the Last Act screened at Doomed Gallery and the Hundred Years Gallery, ZONE X, Ebb and Flow-Phantom Promise, screened at Building bloqs, Inter-scape event,and in the Art Sheffield Festival . Pascal was also co curating and writing at Doomed Gallery. He is a member of the Magma Collective. In addition, Pascal writes reviews, essays, poetry and stories some of which feature on the web and elsewhere.

His work progressively began to encompass the two ends of this spectrum, allying the imaginary to the senses and science to poetry. Ancient art nourishes his research; these are intertwined with the fabric of contemporary visual linguistics. His growing passion for multi media and in particular animated art has resulted in the making of two animation pieces screened in London and Daemon Antarctica through the Eye Glass still in progress. His practice revolves around the experience of absolute freedom in creative expression. “I wish to use photography’s limitations (the B&W traditional form) as the back bone of the transgression of this very tradition, and expand this transgressive experiment into all possible forms of lens based art.”


Solo Exhibitions

House of Vostrovska A Narrative of Objects February 2013

Lo&Behold gallery space,London Photomonth, Metapocryphal Chimera Oct 2011

Brickbox, Brixton, London, Theatre Prive, Sept 2011

FreeSpace-Kentish Town, London, Le Monde de la Chose, Sept 2011

Broken window, Oxford House, London, March 2008

Musicians On and Off, The Foundry, London, Nov 2006

Group Exhibitions

Inter-Scape, Magma Collective event, Sept 2013

Film Lab Festival, Mother Studios, july 2013

Edge of the Land, One Hundred Years Gallery June 2013

Moving Streets with the Magma Collective Doomed Gallery May 2013

Mnemonic City with the magma Collective Doomed Gallery Sept 2012

Art of Imperfection Doomed Gallery May 2012

Pre Biotic Circus of Entropy, Flash Flud Show, One night exhibition, London, June 2011

Edge of Extinction, at Lo & Behold, June 2011

Divided Self, Interim show, LCC, March 2009

Exil du Roi Nu, Distance Between, Pebbleldash Gallery, London, 2009

Faces on the wall, Final Show, LCC, Nov 2009

Pre Biotic Circus of Entropy, Krakov photomonth 2009, Poland

Re- e-collection, (Anonymous Collection), The 3rd Floor, commercial Rd, London, 2005

Animation and video
Zone X, Ebb and Flow-phantom Promise 2013 shown at Building Bloqs.Inter-Scape event.
Anthropofungus Conception, Vibe gallery, Bermonsey and for photomonth east london FILMS BY PHOTOGRAPHERS at Rich Mix, 2012 and 2013
Eschatocene,the first Scene of the Last Act Doomed Gallery and 100 Year Gallery, London 2013

Curatorial Projects

2013 short film night, One Hundred Years Gallery, June 2013
2012 Mnemonic City, with the Magma Collective
2012 Art of Imperfection
2011. Edge of Extinction. Monochrome visuality in the age of hypercolor realism.
2011 Le Monde de la Chose (co Curation of solo show)


Hase Imprint
Super massive black Hole
Photoshots 2010, under the theme of ‘The Sublime’

Published text

The Melancholy of Adam, Public Folder, The Me, 2007,2d publication, originally German.
The object of Painting. About the work of artist Bryan J. Robinson, 2010, Self Esteem Salon archives. The Root of visual Philosophy :“Theatre of Found Objects”:Works, Drawings. Pencil and other mediums on card. By Leonardo Magnani, Series of 15 original images on show at Art Hub Studios the Picture House, Greenwich, April. Texts can be viewed on in the ex Libris-Ex Nihilo section. Mock Conversation with Gallery-The Anonymous bystander. Art project ex libris
Edge of Extinction catalogue, creation and property of the curator Pascal Ancel Bartholdi, manual distribution. Texts published for Doomed Gallery.
Text also on Magma Collective website.

Magma Collective dialogue presentation at The Terminal, South London, Oct 2013
Artist talk, One Hundred Years Gallery, July 2013
Radio program Resonance FM, the Foundry. Nov 2006
Artist open talk, Lo and Behold gallery space. Edge of Extinction show


Twitterview within “the Waiting”, One Hundred Years Gallery

Improvisation for Moving Street as Box and Window man, Doomed Gallery, 2013

Twitterview 2012 in collaboration with Michele Durante