Amor Riahi

Location: Hill Court, Hanger Lane W5 3DF London

A dreamer with hudeg imagination from a small, old town, who always wanted to creat art, make things from nothing. Over the years i try so hard to reflect my vision through making many kind of arts, from music, dance, fashion, then fall in love with photography. I have been collecting old stuff to make them clothes and i have been a self model for my work and all the work been shoot in my roof or my house then i work on it with photoshop to make it more artistic. All that to make a colletion of artist and fashion photographe (my last project)


The Secert Project Revolution ( Collection of artistic photographe)

Will present a full clothing collection, that i made and recreate from using clothes, my old sis closet stuff and others. All that been inspired from pop culture, darkness, loneliness and sexuality.
The project will reflect my vision into a collection of an artistic photograph