Location: London
Website: www.alysazan.com ; https://www.facebook.com/the.alysazan.way

[a l y s a z a n] brings a unique and refreshing outlook, made evident in his concepts and use of fabrics. Having gained experience ranging from bespoke tailoring at Savile Row to more conceptual work at quirky London-based labels*, [a l y s a z a n] strives to initiate a level of interaction within his creations.
[a l y s a z a n] 's designs are driven by his fascination with human anatomy and technology. He seeks to build a rapport, between the garment and the user with each design evoking multiple expressions of identity within our ever-changing world.
The search for solitude and calm in [a l y s a z a n] 's collections provoke a thoughtful and complex sensibility in all garments and accessories whilst maintaining a fundamental functionality. [a l y s a z a n] 's uncompromising vision juxtaposes today's conflicting reality, producing a distinctive signature visible throughout his collections.