Alvaro Milt

Location: London

Alvaromilt is an Italian visual artist, his art combines the spontaneity and energy of street art with the refinement and harmony of classical rules.
Active as a street artist since his adolescence, the young artist graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and he has partecipated in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad (Bologna, Florence, Rome, Oakland, Berkeley, London).
The re-occurring subject in his artwork is the stylized shape of a drop of water (or sperm) that he calls Milt (literally the seminal fluid of fish).
These portraits are part of a series about identity in wich he mixes photography and painting: the Milt becomes a sort of mask that hides the face of the subjets, making them anonymous, enigmatic and universal at the same time. The artist tells us their stories through their bodies, surrounding objects and decorative elements that he puts around them as a kind of frame.

Why is Milt such a crucial symbol in my artwork? Because I am fascinated by nature, by the wonders of creation, because we all come from that little form. At one point, I was an embryonic creature, a primordial form. I’ve always been intrigued by the process of creation, whether it be in humans, in nature, or in art. I often wonder about our origin, but also about a possible point of arrival, and for now the only answers that I can give are through forms and the relationships among these forms. Sperm is a symbol of creation, a generator of life before man and after man; Milt is my exploration of this process.