Alice Carman


Location: Bristol (moving to London September)

Originally from Devon, I went on to complete my art foundation in Manchester and my degree in Illustration at UWE (Bristol). I am still living in Bristol, but am now more under the umbrella of Fine Art. For the past year I have been managing a music bar in Clifton Village. This venue has become my studio being the location of my weekly art nights. Sometimes painting to live improvised jazz, these nights have inspired my most recent works. Using a combination of tractor paint, acrylic, ink and some material use, I have developed quite a distinctive style I am still learning to push the boundaries with. Whilst I am currently in Bristol, my plans are to move to London come September -or sooner if a studio opportunity arose-as I want to push my art on a more full time scale.


I have just completed my first solo show and am looking for opportunities to do more. The exhibition went very well and I sold most of my pieces. This is a write up from an online Bristol blog...

In the past I have also done exhibitions for Somerset Arts Week (SAW) alongside my parents, both artists. Again I sold nearly all my work. And also my final degree show.

Although I have not had a huge amount of experience in doing my own shows, I see this as just the beginning and intend to change this and gain as much experience as I can.