Ali Tareen

Location: London

Born and raised in East London, (b.1981) Ali Tareen’s oeuvre is inspired by his conflicting childhood and background, having parents from two different cultures and mind-sets, Pakistan and England. This theme of duality that is persistent throughout Tareen's work.

He uses a visual language of intricate drawing of contradictory scenarios that challenges, explores and questions the varied arenas of duality of the human condition. This involves, ego, power, sex, death and identity mixed with hints of irony, repulsion and sarcasm, which is informed by memories and experiences of living in Prague and London.

Ali Tareen obtained a BA (Hons) at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, graduating with a First Class Certificate. Since then he has exhibited in numerous countries such as; the UK, Czech Republic and Spain and has worked as a studio artist at Karlin Studios in Prague, Czech Republic.