Alexander Hudson

Location: London

I am a student currently studying at London College of Fashion a college under University of the Arts London (UAL). At LCF I am studying Fashion Design and Development. While this may seem like a linear path I would consider myself a multi-disiplinerary artist and thus chose fashion as a gateway to a wider array of ventures. I consider fashion just one of the many ways that I may express my art, in this case 3D form. Yet I also see fashion as a brilliant way to advance presentation skills in the way of digital media, via the form of graphic design (look books, posters) as well as film (through advertising, concept film, cinema) and photography. As well as the presentation in the form of the traditional catwalk. All of the the above media mentioned I have practiced and continue to practise in including more media including short films, zines, illustrations, photography (film and digital), graphic design whether they be through traditional means or digital in the car of Adobe software of which I am capable in all their software and have currently qualifications in Illustrator and InDesign under ACA. While I would consider myself a responsible and independent artist when it comes to my own motivation and determination in my creative practices I greatly consider collaboration and communication to have huge importance in art as well as other fields. Collaboration can mean greater feats can be accomplished than if it were a lone individual. Collaboration and considerable communication can mean that individuals can motivate one another to greater feats than what an individual once thought as possible. I consider both these qualities to be incredible assist when moving forward into the future creatively, and otherwise. Responsibility also plays a key role in my ethos, in particular when working with and/or developing work for clients, as I have on several occasions, whereby their wish for the project has to be fulfilled while taking into consideration every desire they might have for the end product.


The Courtyard - Between the floors - 2016