Alex Baranovskij

Location: London

Studied at The University Of Hertfordshire.

In my practice I began with painting. What I tried to do with painting was too figure out the best ways to communicate with the colors, the lines, and the shapes. It is not just the scene that mattered, but how the scene was painted. I believe in the ability of painting to communicate beyond the rational and the verbal, to get to that which perhaps cannot be said, but can be seen.

I try to convert this into sculptures too. With sculptures it was not only the arrangement of colour and shape that mattered, but the spacing between them. It was interesting to see how their texture, their softness or their size seemed to completely change the interior of the room.

What I hope and seek to do within Art is to be able to create an environment where someone may become much more aware of the on going verbal fountain within their mind, but also aware of their own non verbal aspect of their human self.


Plastic Android Scream - 2014 UH Galleries
Protoplasm - 2014 Letchworth Art Center
Talk Among Yourselves 2015 UH Galleries
Plexus - 2015 Truman Brewery