Alexa Phillips


Location: London

My practice concerns itself with the politics of space and its unequal distribution and accessibility. A longstanding interest in corporeal experience places the viewer’s body at the center of installations and sculptures reminiscent of theatre sets, but without the fourth wall. More recently, I have been creating models for the near future with utopian and dystopian elements.


2018 Housing Bubbles, Finch House, Deptford X Festival, London (public art installation)
2018 Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show 2018, Goldsmiths, London
2018 Beyond the Standard Model, Almanac Projects, London
2018 Outside, Crossbones Garden, London (Co-curated with Joseph Steele and Aubree Penney)
2017 Gold X Open Studios, Deptford X Festival, London
2017 Lodger, Westminster Reference Library, Curated by Antonio Garcia Acosta, London, UK
2017 Cyborg Clones, Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto [solo exhibition]
2016 President’s Office Exhibition, Ryerson University, Toronto (2016-2017)
2016 The Darkroom 5.0, 918 Bathurst, Toronto
2016 Ellipsis, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2016 Come Together: Curated by Barbara Astman, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto
2016 Maximum Exposure 21, School of Image Arts, Toronto
2016 Salon 44, Gallery 44, Toronto
2015 The Salon of Inclusiveness II, The Black Cat, Toronto
2015 Full Frame, Ryerson Artspace at the Gladstone, Toronto
2015 Salon 2015, Ryerson Artspace at the Gladstone, Toronto
2015 Look At What We Do, Gallery 310, Toronto
2015 Maximum Exposure 20, School of Image Arts, Toronto
2015 Representing the Body: Imogen Wallis-Mayer and Alexa Phillips, Gallery 310, Toronto
2015 Panoptic, RBC Emerging Artists Project at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre, Toronto
2014 First Edition, Ryerson Artspace at the Gladstone, Toronto
2014 Full Frame, Ryerson Artspace at the Gladstone, Toronto
2014 The Performance of Gender, School of Image Arts, Toronto
2014 Transmute, Gallery 310, Toronto
2014 Maximum Exposure Pop-Up Show, Gallery 310, Toronto
2014 Ryerson x Brighton Exchange, Ryerson University/University of Brighton, Brighton, UK
2014 Maximum Exposure Print Exchange, Gallery 310, Toronto
2013 12th Annual Chang School Exhibition, I.M.A. Gallery, Toronto
2013 Maximum Exposure One + Two, Graven Feather, Toronto