Alexander Heaton

Location: London

Alexander Heaton's work reaches deep into the imagination, searching for man's most primeval interaction with nature. His paintings attempt to capture that first interaction, and the sense of wonder and spirituality as humanity confronts omnipresence. Alex works from experience, researching and conducting studies in the remotest natural settings. His work seeks to reassert truthful self-reflection as the best mode to self salvation. Through long and meaningful communion with nature his many drawings assert the inherent worth of deep spiritual reflection and recognise the sovereignty of the individual. He often draws upon the mystical experience and noetic connections with Logos or words of the divine. Alex’s work seeks to show that at the level of the individual true healing change can occur to bring about a betterment. He draws upon deep wells of references from Carl Jung, Shamanism, Mythology, Christianity and Buddhism. Alex’s work asserts that there is still great goodness in the western cultural tradition.



2020 Sagarmartha Next - First artist selected to take part in Waste to Art - Namchee Bazaar, Nepal.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2015 Project Thin Air - The Residence Gallery, London.
2013 Do the Ravens Still Circle the Mountaintop? – VJB Arts 10 Gresham Street, London.
2011 The Secret of the Runes - Pulse Art Fair, Miami.
2011 Trebuchet - The Residence Gallery, London.
2010 Abyssal Wolpertinger - Medcalf Gallery, London.
2009 Harz – Clarke Gallery, Berlin.
2007 The Horn That Matters – The Empire Gallery, London.
2006 Alpine Retreat of the A14 –Union Arts Club London.
2004 The Uncontrollable Urge to fly – Primitif Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions
2020 Waste to Art - Sagarmartha Next - Namchee Bazaar, Nepal.

2020 London Atelier of Representational Art - London.

2018 Voids Rage Chimera Bloom - A Side B Side Gallery, London.

2017 Modern Panic 8 - Apairy Studios, London
2017 As it Stands: Unrefined, muted, abandoned - Hundred Years Gallery, London.
2017 Summer Salon - Islington Arts Factory, London.
2013 60% Water – James Freeman Gallery, London.
2013 Busan Art Fair – Busan, South Korea.
2012 Space Rage – The Residence Gallery, London.
2012 London Art Fair – Residence Gallery, London.
2011 Wunderkammer - Clarke Gallery, Birmingham/Berlin/New York/Sydney/St Johns.
2010 The Future Can Wait - Ellis Rumley Projects, London.
2010 Happiness Machines - Rise Gallery, Berlin.
2009 Splash back - Clarke Gallery, Berlin.
2009 Perfect Present - Stable Productions, 242 Gallery, London.
2009 The London Art Fair - Contemporary Art Projects, Islington, London.
2008 Aqua Art Fair – Aqua Hotel, Miami.
2008 Salon 08 - Matt Roberts Fine Art, Vine Space, Vyner Street, London.
2008 The Damned and the Saved - Stand point Gallery, London.
2007 07 Projects Art Fair – County Hall, London.