alex Zika

Location: London

My practice revolves around ideas and concepts of community and co-production. By employing open narrative structures in my works, I invite outside interpreters to actively take part in a dialogue and infuse the work with life. These works, as speculative chains of signs, allude to seemingly contradicting yet possibly connected social and ultimately cultural interactions. In some way I’m constructing extended self-portraits, which simultaneously function as imaginative playgrounds. By exemplifying the self-indulgent and idiosyncratic traits of my thinking, as well as suggesting a ‘democratic’ co-existence of parallel meanings, I point towards this “in-between” space, as the dynamic arena of investigative involvement with our surroundings.


2011 LinearB, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London
2010 Library of Babel/In and out of place, 176/Zabludowicz Collection, London
2008 Threebythree (1), Guest projects, London
2007 Heteroptopias, 1st Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art
2007 Stick, Stamp, Fly, Gasworks, London
2007 Nomad Video Festival, Bucharest
2007 Republic, L’EST, London
2007 Trauma Queen, Hotel Mediteranean, Athens
2007 Message to the hat, Meskalito, London
2006 We lost our hearts and minds, Event network, London
2006 Art is always somewhere else, 2nd int. Biennial of young artists, Bucharest
2006 ' Centerfold', Zoo Art Fair, London
2006 Pay the psychic, L’EST, London
2006 After Art School, London Gallery West, London
2006 Who cares about Greek Art, Athens
2005 i.d.e.a.l, ICA, London
2005 The art of permanence and change, Sydham Forest, London
2004 The Rio effect, Haven, Milan
2004 Dark light film festival, Dublin
2004 Agora, Transition gallery, London
2004 60 seconds, space twotentwo, London
2004 Lost in translation, 10th international digital arts festival Maribor, Slovenia
2004 Flea market, Temporary Contemporary, London
2004 Imaginary folklore, Space 23, London
2004 One night show, 291 Gallery, London
2003 Recycling the Future, VivereVenezia2, 50th Venice Biennial
2003 Touch and Go, Space Gallery, London
2002 Decoda, Islington Library, London
2002 Expose, Beatrice Royal Gallery, Eastleigh
2001 World Service, Stoke Newington Festival, London
2000 Nachtfalter, Truman Brewery, London