Aleksandra Laika


Location: Camberwell, London, UK

I am a figurative artist and work with a range of mediums and styles. I produce narrative works that drift between past and present. Drawing on traditional and iconic Russian influences I re-assemble the connection between various different worlds.

In my practice, reality displays its fragility and transparency and is shrouded by a more tangible and vivid fantasy. Opposing elements of the dreamlike and the day-to-day share the same canvas yet form a complementary contrast to each other. The final piece ends up being not fully in either world, but existing in a stasis, constantly spinning and morphing.

Decorative and rich in appearance, my work is an exploration of displacement, be it geographical, historical, spiritual or mythical.


2013 “Metamorphosis” The Arch Window, gpstudio, London, UK
2011 “Russian Folk Creatures II” Specs Gallery, London, UK
2010 “Russian Folk Creatures” art works Showcase London, London, UK
2010 “Sirins” Open Arts Cafe, London, UK
2010 “Peer-to-Peer” Open Arts Cafe, London, UK
2010 “Peer-to-Peer” MEL Gallery, Moscow, Russia