AJ Laas

Location: London
Website: www.laas.art

Theoretical perspectives are centred around Interconnection – the work moves between fact and fabrication intended to leave the subject matter and its' effect on the viewer entirely ambiguous.

Previous works were concerned with man's own reality and methods of avoidance through sub-cultural affiliation, virtual reality, civil unrest with discourse around disparities in self perception, and the notion of wealth.

Progression has led to a wider investigation into instances of interconnection, contrasted with investigation into metaphysics. His approach diversified into harnessing the feelings for a subject before attempting to re-establish themselves in paint. Objective and external, but ultimately very much about the self, this approach enables a level of meditative exploration over who we are as a species and where our shortcomings are exposed.


2016. Open Studio Show, Wimbledon, London
2015. Celebrating Tradition Today, Kensington, London
2010. Graduate Showcase, Islington, London
2010. UWTSD Graduation Exhibit, South Wales
2002. Redbull Off The Wall Event, Cheltenham