Alessa Tinne


Location: London, UK

Born in England, 1986. I graduated with a BA in Fine Art Sculpture from Manchester School of Art and an MA in Fine Art Printmaking from the Royal College of Art in 2012.
Subsequently I spent some time living in the Middle East which has reflected a new dimension into the architectural/spacial interest of my work.
I work in various mediums, however, model making and drawing are core to my practice, and increasingly so, photography.
Isometric drawings of rooms and enclosures reflect personal habitats as well as interactions and events that may take place in shared environments or states. Windows and doors tend to signify entry points, meeting points, conversations and situations of conflict of confrontation.
An ongoing series of small photographs trace recollections of environment in the present context of objects I encounter in daily life. Often the focus point is a very small and concentrated point in a composition which struggles to be identified.


Selected Exhibitions:
The Negligent Eye, Bluecoat Liverpool 2014; Christies Multiplied, London (2012); RCA Degree
Show, London (2012); The Second Exhibition, CPG, London (2012); Democratic Promenade, The
Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool (2011); Secret 2011, The Royal College of Art, London; RCA Interim
Show, London (2010); The First Exhibition, CPG, London (2010); Secret 2010, The Royal College
of Art, London; Fine Art Degree Show, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester; 2010 Art
Crawl, Not Part Of The Festival, Manchester (2009).

Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, 2011.