Adrian Penu


Location: London, United Kingdom

Born in 1987, Transylvania, I showed proclivity towards drawing from a young age, copying Rembrandt sketches from a book my grandmother bought me from an antiquarium. At that time painting didn’t interest me, it seemed too messy and permanent. I don’t mind the mess anymore, I make plenty of it in my South London studio and the permanence of my work is what drives me to improve my painting skills, so my grandmother would be proud of me.


2019, March - Album artwork for London based rock band ‘Code of Nature’

2018, November - ‘In Between Space’, Collaborative exhibition, ArtNumber23 Gallery, London, UK

2018, August - Summer Exhibition, Candid Arts Trust, London, UK

2017, September - 'Alma' featured in 'Average Arts' magazine

2017, August - Summer Exhibition, Candid Arts Trust, London, UK

2017, April - "Adoration" featured in 'A5' magazine

2017, February - May - Exhibition at The Lacy Nook, London, UK

2017, January - "Skyscraper" featured in 'Average Arts' magazine

2017, January - "Alienation" Group exhibition, Room7 gallery, Athens

- "Alienation" Group exhibition, Cultural Centre of Moschato,Greece

2016, November - "Alienation" Group exhibition, MB3 gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016, August - “Alienation” Group exhibition, Ground floor gallery, NYC, US

2016, July - “Alienation” Group exhibition, James Oliver gallery, Philadelphia, US

2016, June - “Summer Salon 2016” Group exhibition, Islington Arts Factory, London, UK

2016, May - “Perceptions of the figurative” Group exhibition, 5th Base gallery, London, UK