Adam Sach


Location: London, UK

b. 1981, UK

Royal College of Art, London, UK
Kingston University, London, UK

Adam Sach is a designer and an artist that combines traditional methods of dyeing, printing and textile techniques with recycled, discarded and found materials.

Drawing and the written word often underpin works and outcomes on both paper and fabric are mixed media in approach, this includes the use of natural plant dyes, sewing, weaving, printing, painting, collage, photography and appliqué.

The majority of the works comment on personal experiences and at the same time make reference to nature, society, politics and the complexities of relationships, with writing also being integral.

Most recently garments have been the final outcome; existing items of clothing are recycled and re-worked using plant dyes, printing, weaving, embroidery and appliqué in natural fabrics as well as organic cotton bases. These pieces are intended to coexist with the two dimensional works. Nature and craft are used as starting points from which work is developed.


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2019 Double Sided Sticky Tape, Turner Contemporary, Margate, Kent, UK

2018 The Sex Show, Viking Gallery, Margate, Kent, UK

2016 Studiolifelines, Republic Gallery, London, UK