Adam Hennessey


2015 Turps Banana


2015 The Darbyshire Prize for Emerging Art

Selected Exhibitions
2015 Solo Exhibition: The Darbyshire Prize for Emerging Art,
2015 Art Car Boot fair, Margate
2015 Turps Banana Goes West, Edel Assanti, London
2015 Turps Banana End of Year Show, Turps Gallery, London
2015 Currently, Barbican Arts Trust Project Space, London
2015 Art Car Boot Fair, London
2015 Creekside Open 2015 Selected by Lisa Milroy, London
2015 Turps Banana Spring Show, Malvern
2015 Turps Banana Interim Show, London
2013 The Other Art Fair, Old Truman Brewery, London
2012 ‘Memory Palaces’, 67a City Studios, London
2011 ‘Somewhere/Nowhere’, Olden Gardens, London
2010 Print Show, Sarah’s Garden, London
2010 ‘Adam & Heather’, Hackney Wicked, London
2009 ‘Shine On’, Smithfield Gallery, London
2008 ‘TWO: Carter & Hennessey’, George Polke, London
2008 ‘Paintings To Eat Your Dinner Off’, Medcalf, London
2007 ‘Big Wow’, Oslo House, London
2006 ‘George Polke Invites’, George Polke, London
2005 ‘Mondays In The Sun’, Contemporary Art Projects, London 2005 ‘Soliloquy Of Ours’, RK Burt, London