Abilene 1975

Location: LONDON
Website: www.abilene1975.com

Born in a Greater London suburb in 1975. A true child of Thatcher's Britain. Raised in turbulent times of the early eighties, below the poverty line. Art for me was an early form of escapism from the harsh realities of life. At an early age I often found that creating art was for me a pure form of expression. I found that expressing myself through art gave me solace and peace in a much chaotic world.
Photography and art at secondary school were my strongest subjects. It was there I first learned more about artists of the past and present. I decided to pursue a Btec in Art and Design at college and then went on to Middlesex University. I have actively worked in the art and design field since then. The great insight and understanding and technical knowledge I gained through the years have deepened my love of art. I have participated in group exhibitions and curated my own solo show.

Aged 13, Andy Warhol was the only artist to inspire my imagination. Warhol's was the first artist whose work I felt I could relate to. I fell in love with his work and the processes he undertook to create them. His art made me want to express myself creatively. It was Warhol that started my love of art. Over the years I have found inspiration in many other artists' work such as Van Gogh, Michael Angelo and Leonardo Di Vinci, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp and present day artists such as Damien Hirst, Gee Vaucher, Ron Muek and Gavin turk. To be honest, there are so many that it is impossible to list. I am inspired by our environment, the society we live in and the relationships we create as human beings throughout our life.

I use many mediums to convey my work and love to experiment. The strongest elements used in my work to date are digital art, photography, sculpture and collage . I use computer based work to convey my fascination with technology and its advances in our society. I take a very tactile approach to my work and love to immerse myself in the creative process. I am constantly learning new techniques and developing new ideas whilst looking for new mediums to convey them in.


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