Abdi (SAGE) Abdi

Location: Abbey Wood

South-East of the river, home town, A Town!
Abbey Wood

Me and my team, believe in our work and the ability to suave our visuals to perk viewers interest right up.

That comes from the chemistry in the relationships I build with clients to spice and perfect visuals and audio.

Some of the work above are some still shots in visuals, some cover art shots and general pictures.

I make visuals along side music majority of the time. The genres can range from grime rap to spoken word poetry. I see this as a way for the artist to connect with the crowd, so it is vital the photographer can make that lasting connection to give the quality work back.

As an artist along side doing photography, it really does give me that advantage to get the best concepts, especially for my own projects.

I've assisted artist on projects in the local area, such as ManLikeNels and Sua-Suo (Gee9ine).

What really has limited full growth however, is the lack of resources I found out.

However, this doesn't mean just stop, I found a way to win and jumped back on the horse. (Abbey Wood Joke)

Especially, coming from a place where films & TV series were constantly being filmed in for instance, Misfits, I feel like that has unconsciously placed me in a passionate place when it comes to filming and catching certain shots which makes the viewer feel some type of way.

That's the goal.