Location: London

Sjoholm Phillips was founded in South London in 2013. Previously operating as two independent artists from a shared studio, the ethos of the practice is born of a continuous dialogue, embracing common themes and ideas. We are interested in works that are made through this mutual coming together and embrace a collaborative process.

We make line drawings, paintings, sculpture and installations using MDF, masking tape, carbon paper, ink, graphite, beeswax and acrylic. Our palette is a very deliberate choice, a contrast between traditional, painterly materials with more mundane everyday elements.

In our work we use the grid as a ground from which to explore ideas. As former architects we understand it’s meaning in terms of structure and universality but as artists we are interested in its fallibility, its weakness and the tensions it can create.

This is explored through the use of ordering and alignment, but more critically through actions of slipping and cropping and a reconsideration of the relationship between grids. We are interested in how this content negotiates the boundaries of the picture plane, the edge of the paper or physical dimensions of the wall or room.

We subject ourselves to rules so pieces develop through a sequence of ordered decisions and also adopt a more intuitive approach. This creates a tension between a systematic method and another more subjective “judged” way of practicing. We find richness in the moment where these two ways of working meet.

Through one off art pieces and installation work these common themes are being developed using a variety of methods and media. We are keen to make stand-alone art pieces and retain a connection to our formal training through site specific works that attempt to measure, reconfigure or subvert found spaces.


2015 Spring Salon 2: Candid Arts Trust
2015 East London Painting Prize - Long list
2015 New Artist Fair: Truman Brewery
2015 What is the point?: The Mall Galleries
2015 Studies: The Common
2015 TIAF London - Short list