Location: London, UK
Website: www.aarondistler.com

Aaron Distler was born in southern Vermont in the United States in 1974.
Mr Distler received a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1999 and graduated with distinction from the Chelsea College of Art and Design Post Graduate Diploma course in 2010. In December 2010 Aaron was awarded the Clifford Chance Sculpture Prize, a prize which recognizes the work of a single post-graduate across all of the University of the Arts colleges.
Aaron spent many years living in Italy and working from his sculpture studio in Rome. His work has been exhibited extensively in London, Boston, San Francisco and Rome. Among other collections, his work is held in the Sulmona, Italy contemporary art museum (Polo Museale Civico-Diocesano) where the artist was nominated in 2007 as one of Italy's 100 most promising emerging talents.
Mr Distler has also curated exhibitions in Milan, at the esteemed Triennale art museum and at the MUDAM modern art museum in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.
In his words his practice is The play of form as the language of various combinations of forces. This fascinates me. A dune is the resultant form of sand and wind in the same way that a sculpture can be the resultant form of tool, material and mind. It is an important aspect of my current studio research. I am sympathetic to William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movements, as well as Japanese object making, which often sees the power of an object's beauty deriving from the fact that it evidences a working process, hands and mind in concert with material. I see process, the fluid call and response between force and material, as central and I view the end as the driving force, the means to beauty, not its culmination.
Mr Distler currently lives and works in London.