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I'm a Painter & Illustrator based in London


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Inspired by the coexistence of natural and industrial elements in our environment, Cristina Sab...
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Visual artist, interested in pushing the material properties of painting and printmaking to cre...
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Lives and works in London. Produces pictures and images involving a range of matter. Studied at...
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My work sits at the intersection of the creative and social, and I'm a core member of Glas...
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Initially grip it of DHT will manifest itself as thin areas on the crown together with in the...
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Accomplishments Recognitions - Award of Merit/ Best New Artist: Individual Artist of Oklahoma:...
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Hire Space focuses on making interesting spaces available for hire. Many of our venues are gall...
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Ilona Sagar lives and works in London. Using a diverse range of media spanning performance, fil...
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Born in France in 1983, live and work in London
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Hi, I'm Dr Jas Sagoo. I am Principal Cosmetic Dentist and Director of Perfect Smile Spa We...