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Suigen's picture
Graffiti artist/ Muralist Graphic Designer/illustrator
Jack Thurgar's picture
Jack Thurgar is an artist from South-East London. He works from his infamous h.q and archive; '...
Barti's picture
I am a sound/media artist and musician whose work explores installation, public art and perform...'s picture
2010-11 MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK 2014-2015 This...
Liam Tickner's picture
My work is concerned with the notion of value, what it does to our aspirations and how we are c...
Radu Sorin's picture
Photographer | Retoucher | Digital Artist
dominic.till's picture
My work deals with ideas surrounding displacement and the uncanny repetitive nature of comings...
John Timberlake's picture
John Timberlake (b. Lancashire, 1967) is a London based artist whose combinations of drawing, p...
claretimmis's picture
Post Graduate from London
Taddea's picture
Austrian Artist, Designer and Producer in London
Nina._ilandere's picture
I am a painter and published poet living just outside of London in Kent. At present my style i...
AHTinne's picture
Born in England, 1986. I graduated with a BA in Fine Art Sculpture from Manchester School of Ar...
geofft50's picture
As we are drawn ever closer to our tools, our corresponding worldview appears to dissolve into...
marijatiurina's picture
A Lithuania-born illustrator, living in London since 2009. I work as a children's books illustr...