Society of Wildlife Artists Annual Exhibition 2019

Opportunity Closing Date: 
Friday, July 26, 2019 - 12:00

The Society of Wildlife Artists seeks submissions of works that depict wildlife subjects and evoke the spirit of the natural world

Artists are invited to submit works for exhibition alongside members of the Society of Wildlife Artists at this year's Annual Exhibition, 'The Natural Eye 2019'.

  • Any artist over 18 may submit.
  •  Work should be based on representing the world’s wildlife.
  • Acceptable media: Work may be in any medium including painting, sculpture and original prints (if prints, please detail edition and how many are available). The SWLA is keen to embrace new and innovative mediums and will accept computer-generated images as ‘original prints’. However, a digital print is only considered an original print if it was created by the artist to be realised specifically as a print. 

There are many prizes and awards available to win, including:

The Terravesta Prize: £2,000 for the best work exhibited

Birdwatch Artist of the Year Award: £1,000 plus Swarovski equipment

RSPB Award: £500

Birdscapes Gallery 'Conservation through Art' Award: £700 split between the artist and a conservation charity of their choice

Mascot Media 'Nature in Print' Award: For the most original, unusual or effective interpretation of the natural world using traditional printmaking techniques. The winning artist will receive £200 and their choice of 10 current Mascot Media books

Dry Red Press Award: The winning work reproduced as a greetings card

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