Six Month Artists Career Training

Opportunity Closing Date: 
Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 09:15

The three biggest things getting in the way of an emerging artist's success are:

1. Lack of mentor support

2. Lack of knowledge

3. Lack of accountability to follow through on your commitments

The Six Month Arts Business Training Program takes care of all three and is one the best investments you could make for you and your art career.

Rachel Marsden is an arts industry expert who knows the insider secrets that will take you from being an unknown artist with no real idea of what you're doing to hitting your next career milestones and feeling confident in yourself as an artist.

She's discretely and individually coached hundreds of artists to help them achieve success in the arts.

She does this through her six month 1:1 program where she teaches and coaches you on the following topics:

1. Vision - where are you going as an artist? 

2. Positioning and Pricing 

3. Online presentation, mailing lists and successful and effective social media strategies

4. Gaining press and publicity for your work

5. Networking and communicating in the art world

6. How to talk about your work so you open up opportunities for yourself such as sales, shows, gallery representation press and residencies

7. Navigating the art world: where to find opportunities, which ones are good, which ones are to be avoided, how to fit this into your schedule.

8. Making sales: online and offline strategies

9. Time management and cultivating a confident mindset: putting it all together to fit into your life with ease and without burnout.

10. Funding, galleries, museums, institutions - navigating these realms successfully.

By the end of the six months you will see significant progress in your art career. Past participants have gained gallery representation, lots of sales, successful group and solo shows, print magazine coverage, Instagram followers up by 700%, a consistent work habit and increased self-confidence that they can go out and create what they want in their art career. They know the way forward.

It's a 1:1 program that can be delivered via Skype/Zoom with a lot of additional inclusions - best to email for the full program outline. It fits within criteria suitable for career development funding.

To find out more, email or visit the website: