Procreate Project Mother Art Prize 2017 & Left Overs Exhibition

Opportunity Closing Date: 
Friday, September 15, 2017 - 12:00

Procreate Project invites UK & European based visual artists and live art performers to respond to the theme of ´Left Overs’ – What is left of our sanity, bodies, sexuality, time and identities when mothering? What remains unused or unconsumed? How do left overs feed creativity?

‘Left Overs’ will be exhibited at FiLiA, Oct 14-15th 2017.

As part of this event, Procreate Project announces the first Procreate Project ‘Mother Art’ Prize 2017 (Visual Art). This prize is available to mother-artists.

The Award Winner will receive:

1 Month residency at the next Mother House’s opening 2018

Up to 5 pieces of work exhibited at the exhibition

1 yr online Membership with Procreate Project

£200 cash prize

1 free ticket to Oxytocin: Mothering the World 2018

Deadline is 15th September. The entry fee is £10 for up to 3 works. This fee does not apply to performances proposal. 

More information on the weblink below: