Pop Up Art Fair

Opportunity Closing Date: 
Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 18:30

Application Deadline: 11th March 2017 

Any and all disciplines welcome to apply. The Art Fair is aimed at promoting emerging artists work in a professional central London gallery. 

Pop Up Art Fair Date: Saturday 25th March 2017 6:30pm - 10pm 

If you are interested in participating the tables and corresponding wall space are priced as follows: 

1 table - £99+VAT 

2 table - £150+VAT 

3 table - £199+VAT 

(table = 90cm length x 36cm depth) 

The size of the wall space is dictated by the size table you purchase for the evening. There is no commitment to have both table and wall space, the applicant can decide to have one or the other if they so wish. 

The fee and 20% commission covers the venue, drinks, catering, sound, card payment system, staff and the promoting of the event. 

* Spaces are limited to 15 so contact us as soon as possible to obtain a spot at the art fair. Bigger table sizes are also limited so please specify space needed when applying. 

How to apply: 

Send Us 
1 - PDF or JPGs of the work you are willing to submit (Max 30 pics) with the details of each work (Title, medium, size, date and artist's price). 
2 - A personal statement (Max 200 words). 
3 - Your updated CV (Education, exhibitions, publications), max one A4 page long. 
4 - Contact details (Full name, email, telephone and full address). 
5 - Clear photo of yourself. 


You can fill the Application Form available from our website in order to simplify the submission of the required documents stated here above. Please send this as a pdf document. 

All the 15 successful applicants will receive an email with a notification of Successful Application on the 18th March 2017. 

All successful applicants must pay for the tables by March 23rd at the latest or their application will be declined.