Pintar Rapido London

Opportunity Closing Date: 
Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 09:00

Pintar Rapido London is the UK’s biggest plein air painting competition and exhibition. It is a  weekend celebration of art and the London cityscape and is open to professional and non-professional artists. The challenge is to "capture the spirit of the city in a day" and it inspires hundreds of artists to do so as well as engaging and thrilling the public. The following day the public can view and buy these unique visions of London at the Pintar Rapido exhibition.

Saturday July 29; Painting Day. After choosing a location, each artist has a day to create their artwork. They use their own materials and work in any style, medium or size they wish.

Sunday July 30; Public exhibition and sale at Chelsea Old Town Hall on the King's Road London SW3 5EE. Visitors can view more than 400 paintings and meet the artists, including the winner of the £1,000 Pintar Prize. 

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