Performer CALL OUT, Two Pale Ladies (DEADLINE: show us your sh*t)

Opportunity Closing Date: 
Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 12:00

Two Pale Ladies, the stars of such classics as "Factor 50 Please Sir", and "Ouch, Get the Aloe Vera RIGHT NOW" are donning their second hand latex gloves to deliver the best performance births this side of the river (South), for Peckham Arts Festival. 

DEADLINE: show us your sh*t will be held at The Nines in Copeland Park; a space for you to share your 'foetal', 'newborn', 'nascent', 'baby' performances. We're looking for emerging performers who want to birth material that is 5-15 minutes in length on THURSDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER. Whether it's 5 minutes of your six act opera or a monologue you wrote to your morning porridge, we want to hear it, see it, and birth it. 

To apply, please email with a 100 word proposal and a brief artistic bio by the 12th August.  

Facebook: /twopaleladies
Instagram: /@twopaleladies
Twitter: @twopaleladies

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