Opportunity Closing Date: 
Sunday, January 20, 2019 - 12:00

Performers needed for paid experimental sound and movement-based performance


  • WHERE: Korean Cultural Centre UK, Grand Buildings, 1 - 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW, Main Entrance : Northumberland Avenue
  • WHEN: Performances at 12:30pm (Press View) and 6pm (Public Opening) on Friday 25th January. 
  • WHO: Ideal performers will have experience in movement and dance, and/or acting. This call is open to those over 18 and to any race or gender.


The Delfina Foundation is seeking to cast seven performers to take part in a live performance-art piece conceived for an exhibition Power Play at the Korean Cultural Centre in London. This opportunity for is perfect for performers looking to further and/or gain experience in performing in a visual arts context and be part of a unique and stimulating performance group.


The performance is the result of a collaboration between two artists: Bona Park (b.1977), who questions social systems, including art, through frequently employing performance as a tool to uncover the structures and forms of labour therein, and Oscar Santillan (b.1980) who seeks to transgress the building of Western reality, which is based on binary contraries - good/bad, black/white, man/woman, truth/lies.  The piece being performed in the exhibition is inspired by George Orwell’s novel of the same title, Animal Farm (2018), and involves seven performers imitating the sounds of seven animals (as characterised in the book), calling and chasing each other throughout the gallery space. The voice of the chased is the same as the chaser, alluding to the interdependencies between animals and humans. Eventually both languages intertwine into a new interpretation of the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights.


Ideal performers will have experience in movement and dance, and/or acting. Candidate/s will also have an interest in experimental performance work, wanting to experience non-traditional performance modes in an art gallery setting. Those with no former experience in experimental performance works are also encouraged to apply. The nature of the live performance might include minimal audience interactions, therefore the right candidate must be comfortable performing not only in front but also with an audience. High quality, professional photo documentation will also be provided for your own portfolios.


Please apply with a brief introduction about yourself and your experience/background to: