Open call :The London Ultra

Opportunity Closing Date: 
Monday, September 23, 2019 - 23:00


Organised and curated by The Free Painters & Sculptors, an Independent Artists’ Co-operative and not for profit Artists' Charity.

The Free Painters and Sculptors are delighted to announce the second London Ultra.

An Art Extravaganza providing a transformative art experience. It’s an exhibiting opportunity like no other – not to be missed! Ultra welcomes the bravest and the best; it celebrates innovation and excellence in Contemporary Art and promises to be enthralling and thought provoking at every turn. Ultra stands true to the Free Painters and Sculptors manifesto in encouraging ‘Freedom in the Arts’ in its widest sense and allows artists and creatives working in any medium, on any theme to submit.

See application form via link on our website for more details.

THE VENUE: Central London’s most iconic & atmospheric industrial space: The Bargehouse @ Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse St, Bankside, London, SE1 9PH.

SHOW DATES: Thursday 31st October - Sunday 10th November 2019  Open daily 11.00 - 18.00

PRIVATE VIEW & HALLOWEEN PARTY: Thursday 31st October 18.30 - 21.30  By invitation only. Performances & Events to be timetabled for the Preview Party and over both weekends.

CASH PRIZES: For the most outstanding works in the show : The Roy Rasmussen Award £1000, The London Ultra Art Prize £1000 and The Ultra Under 30 Prize £750

SUBMISSION IS FREE: All Artists & Creatives can apply. This is a competitive multi-national open call.

SUBMISSION OPTIONS: With a view to offering Artists the widest possible remit - Artworks can be  on any theme, in any medium 2D, Fine Art Photography, Printing, 3D, Installations, Performance, Sound, Light, AV, Video, New Media etc. Works maybe site specific. You can submit up to 12 individual artworks. The maximum Artwork size is 300 x 190 x 245 cm (l x w x h.)

OTHER PROPOSALS: ULTRA welcomes all proposals for Larger Spaces, Installations/ Artists Showcase  Spaces/ Interactive Works /Art Experiments. The venue has 13 huge spaces (over 1200 sq metres of exhibiting space.) A Google maps search can take you on a virtual tour. We can arrange special site visits for successful applicants as required. Some Artists will be asked to provide detailed Risk Assessments & Method Statements.

THEMED SPACES: This new option aims to create more cohesion to the show. We are curating 3 themed spaces : so that you can also have the option to submit Artworks based on your interpretations on any of these themes:   1. Luminism  (Illuminated artworks including AV to fill the entire blacked out top floor - a real wow last year.) 2. The Artist’s Garden  3. Art Bottles (a room full of various Artists’ own bottles to be variously arranged & suspended from grids on the ceilings.) 4. Gaia's Room (after James Lovelock.)

ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE: 4 great spaces are available for Artists in Residence - we offer you a chance to make work in your very own Bargehouse studio. Artists in Residence must be present daily during the show.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Read through this entire Online form: in particular read all the information here. Prepare your artworks and photograph your works taking care to label each image correctly in the format : Artists_Name_Title_Media_Price.jpg  Images must be high quality and no more than 1MB each. Go to the FPS website and follow the links to The London Ultra. Complete all the relevant sections of the form and load your images. You can load up to 6 images on each form, if you need more - fill a second form - submitting up to 12 images altogether.

THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Midnight Monday 23rd September 

SELECTION: Only works & projects that have been selected by the The FPS Exhibitions Team will be included in the show. Selection will take place in several stages over the Summer & the Curator will make contact and liaise with Artists accordingly.

SELECTION RESULTS: All Artists will be notified of final results by Monday 30th September

EXHIBITING FEES: Successful Artists will be asked to pay exhibiting fees. Rates are calculated on the basis of £100 per linear meter hanging space, £100 for each free standing Sculpture or Plinth, £100 per 5 minutes Video, £100 AV/ Light based works (Artists must supply all own equipment / projectors and plinths etc),£40 for each ‘Art Bottle’, £50 per sq meter (range 2 - 40) for Installations/ Individual Artist’s Showcases. Artist‘s Residency fees will depend on size of space used (range £200-£600).  Performers - no charge.

ACCEPTANCE OF PLACES:  And Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions - Artists must confirm within 7 days of notification. Confirmation is made by payment of exhibiting fees in full by either Paypal / Online Bank transfer BACS. Please inform us immediately if you are unable to take up your place  - so that we may offer it to another Artist. The deadline for receipt of all exhibiting fees is Monday 7th October.

FRAMING:  This is not necessarily required for 2 D works - depending on Artists’ exhibiting preference, in general we advise well stretched unframed canvases. Any frames must be high quality and contemporary in style (no gold gilt/ perspex or clip frames.) Perspex/ aluminium mounted photos are permitted.

If there is a sufficient rim on the back of the stretcher/ frame extra fittings will not be necessary since we prefer to hang directly onto parallel screws. Otherwise, works can be fitted with mirror plates or secure wire /cord and D-rings fitted as high as possible on the back of the frames to reduce tilt.

EXHIBITION HANGING: The FPS Exhibitions Team will hang the show. The Curators’ decisions are final. Some Artists will be asked to help hang their own work. Artists in Residence, Installation and Showcase Artists must be able to install 29th -30th October and the de-rig must be completed by 3pm on Monday 11th November. Any changes to the exhibition will be the sole responsibility of the Curator at all times.

ART DELIVERY DATE: Tuesday 29th October 10.00 - 12.00 There are strict restrictions on all vehicles  in the vicinity of the venue. Artists delivering large works will receive special instructions. Please note that there is no lift in the building.

ART COLLECTION DATES: Sunday 10th November 17.30 - 18.00 By arrangement sold works & small/easily removed works may be collected at close of show. The main collection of works will take place on Monday 11th November 09.30 - 12.00  Any remaining works will be destroyed. Exhibiting Artists must ensure prompt delivery & collection within the timings stated unless special arrangements have been agreed.

PUBLICITY AND MARKETTING: Please take time to share this call out with friends & colleagues - ask all interested Artists to checkout our website and see the scope of last years show; they can apply directly through the link to this form on the front page of our website below.

We expect that the 11 day run will attract good media coverage. Please talk about the show in all your own Networks/ SM Platforms / Buyers / Galleries etc, Use the hashtags #londonultra #fpsartist and  #londonultraart Please engage with the Bargehouse and OxoTower Wharf & FPS SM Platforms. ULTRA loves interaction! PV Invitations and flyers will be circulated nearer the time. Please use your own business cards.

STEWARDING THE EXHIBITION: Bargehouse is a huge & exciting venue. It is very close to Tate Modern & OxoTower Wharf & The South Bank Walkway. The exhibition will need to be invigilated by Artists on all 5 floors throughout the entire show. All exhibiting Artists will be expected to be available for invigilation on at least 3 half-day sittings. (Unless special circumstances prevail.) An invigilation rota will be circulated.

SALES: The Sales commission is 30% FPS will operate an Art sales desk. There will also be A2 Print racks. All sold works must remain in the exhibition until close of show on Sunday 10th November when between 17.30 and 18.00 Artworks may be collected by the buyer or delivered by the Artist.

EXHIBITION INSURANCE: Although great care will be taken of all work & Public Liability insurance will be provided by FPS, Artists must provide their own Personal Liability & Artwork Insurance.

*FPS cannot be held liable for any damage or theft of exhibited works*

ALL GENERAL QUERIES: Questions about applications, especially proposals for Large spaces, Special projects, Artist’s Showcases, Installations, Experimental works - Please contact the curator by e mail giving some indication of the nature of your query and remember to include your contact phone number. 

Instagram @fpsartistgroup