Opportunity Closing Date: 
Monday, July 17, 2017 - 23:00

Sarah & James Arts invite you to submit work for a long anticipated exhibition set to take place October this year on Stoke Newington Church Street.

“A restless desire - to pirate the water, to pilfer the fre. Find it and keep it and make it your own whether it's blood or it is a bone. Possession obsession with passion for guilt, the moment they come, you'll see what you need. It's not an object, nor is it a thing; they tell you THE TRUTH and it's not what you think. Tey say that you don't own what you possess, the evidence's soaking in the juice of madness. An urge that is stronger than reason of mind, the mania is in you, it's making you blind. Fear mixed with pressure – the taste you admire make up the fuel for your restless desire.”

To Apply: Drawing inspiration from the word ‘KLEPTOMANIA’ and above text, we ask you to send us three .jpeg images of your work as well as a brief description of you and your practice. We consider all mediums, keep in mind however that any specialist equipment must be provided by the artists themselves. We will be in touch with further information after the deadline which is 17th July 2017, and the exhibition itself will take place 7th - 13th October 2017.
17th JULY 2017