Bad Art Presents Let Them Eat Fake

Opportunity Closing Date: 
Sunday, July 23, 2017 - 23:00

“I’ve Got Hungry Eyes, I Feel The Magic Between You And I”

BAD ART is back with its fourth installation – LET THEM EAT FAKE! 

Come enjoy a dinner that you can’t eat!

" I was once invited to a restaurant where you sit in the darkness and can’t see your meal. I didn’t go, I didn’t see the point. Yet saying this, I will sit and watch Masterchef for worryingly long periods of time. I buy cookbooks even though I never cook, there even exists a website called foodporn. So this begs the question, how much can we enjoy food without actually eating it? Evidently quiet a lot. "

Anna Choutova, Founder

Through exhibiting a banquet of inedible food, 'Let Them Eat Fake' will represent our desire to over-indulge coupled with the pressure to restrict and abstain. This will be the lowest calorie dinner your ever attend!

The exhibition will be held at Bones & Pearl Studios, a dynamic and unique venue that compliments the works on display. The exhibition will run from the 12th-16th of August, opening Friday the 11th of August. The opening evening will feature live music and complimentary food and refreshments. Carefully curated by Anna Choutova the show will feature a selection of works by established and emerging artists.

If you would like to submit a piece of work please email pictures and 200+ words about the piece and your practice.

We are fairly flexible and open to suggestions, but the criteria is listed below...

  • The work should represent food.
  • The work must be 3 dimensional 
  • The work should strictly NOT be edible.
  • The work should not decay or decompose throughout the show.
  • The work should be no larger than 100cm2.

Please send your submission to no later than midnight 23th July.

Due to the nature of the show BAD ART does not accept any liability for any damage to or loss of the work.

You should hear back by 27th July if your work has been selected. Unfortunately, due to the number of submissions, you will only hear from us if your application has been successful or if we are keen to exhibit your work at a later date.

We very much look forward to seeing your work.

Bad Art Team

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