Allegorical Ghost Open Call for Submissions

Opportunity Closing Date: 
Friday, October 20, 2017 (All day)

WAVE Collective is taking submissions for the theme ALLEGORICAL GHOSTS taking place at the gallery café, Carmel by the Green, from the 2nd of November - 30th of December. We are accepting entries across a multitude of mediums until the 20th of October.

Please address all submissions and enquires to

Ghosts are the embodiment of the lack of – the missing of - the longing for – the haunted by – the embodiment of the past that impedes upon the present disruption creates for us a silhouette of something that was but is no longer –

We are left with a ghost of our past taking the form of fears, dreams, longing, mourning, nostalgia, loneliness.

A ghost is something that leaves its mark upon us like a kind of branding burnt somewhere between the realms of our consciousness. Sometimes blatantly there - obviously before us, but sometimes a mere flutter of movement on the periphery of our vision, hinting at a deeper truth that we can only guess at.

A ghost need not be taken literally or it may be just as well. Ghosts make up our existences in the minutest of moments: a jar missing from a shelf, the empty side of a bed, a ring of condensation where a glass rested– all representative of the missing past – where something was but is no longer.

The lack of something can be more powerful than it’s presence ever was for once we are missing it its form is changed in our minds - altered and distanced.

The imagination takes over, filling in gaps where our memories fail us – falsifying, justifying, rationalizing. Ultimately creating sustenance for us to feed upon because a ghost fills an empty space while simultaneously leaving it blank.