Terms of Use

Welcome to London's Artist Quarter. You may find some of this information useful as you work your way around the site. You may also wish to refer to our Privacy page.


You must own the image rights to any images uploaded to London's Artist Quarter website. If you fail to do so you may be liable to pay fees to third parties. 

Artist's retain all copyright to their own work uploaded.

When uploading images, you can use the 'title' box, which appears after you have uploaded an image, to clarify any copyright information. Please be aware, however, that individuals may save digital copies of your work and we cannot guarantee that they will credit you as the author. You may wish to consider adding a digital watermark to your work if you are concerned about this.

Editorial Control

The moderators of this website retain full editorial control and reserve the right to remove images or block accounts if necessary. This will be done in consultation with the owner of the content (text or image). If you have any concern about content on this website, please contact us and let us know.

This site is designed to be used by all members of the public including children and older people. When uploading content we ask you to consider whether the images you are presenting are suitable for this audience. We welcome any advisory warnings about content on event listings where possible.


We have tried to ensure that there is the option to add a title to any image on the site.  Please use this box to provide one, or more of the following:

  • Title and author of work
  • Description of image
  • Copyright details

The text will appear whenever a user hovers the mouse over an image and helps those using screenreaders to understand what is appearing on the page.

The system will crop images to the designated size unless you upload images which are have already been edited to match the stated dimensions. This works best at a low resolution of 72dpi. The dimensions are stated next to the upload box on each page.

Please ensure that the filenames of images do not include any unusual characters (such as '&').  Where the filename does include these characters, the website will not display any image. 


When adding links, please use the hyperlink button on the toolbar. For websites please go to the 'target' tab and select 'new window'. We recommend that any links you post are 'deep links' that go directly to the relevant page on your website and not just to the homepage.

For email addresses please supply an email subject that includes '(via www.londonsartistquarter.org)'. This will help you to identify how useful this site has been in bringing an audience to your event by allowing you to track most of the emails generated from this website.

What's On

This site has been developed to promote activity taking place in East London.  We invite you to upload details of your events as long as they take place in this geographic region.  All events go through a moderation process before being published and events taking place outisde of this area will not be published. The moderation process takes up to a week.

When submitting information please ensure that you include all the information that someone will need in order to attend the event in the main box titled 'Description'.  Please make sure that this box includes the following information:

  • A brief description of the event
  • Address
  • Closest public transport (if you know it)

Events lacking sufficient information will not be approved.  Where time allows, we will contact organisers for more information and approve the events once this has been supplied.

Artists Hub - Profiles

Anyone with an interest in, or involvement in, arts and cultural activity in East London is welcome to have a profile on the site. All profiles are publicly accessible and available for anyone to view without the need to log in. Please consider the content that you are uploading as it could be viewed by anyone.

Artist Hub - Artist Opportunities

Please only upload details of opportunities that are available to people living and/or working in East London.  Opportunities are regularly checked to ensure that they are current and suitable.

Future developments

We are aware of a few bugs within the site and would like to invite you to report any that you find.  In the near future we hope to introduce a random user survey to help us understand how the site works for you.  The information that we collect will be used to improve the site and the service it offers in the future.  Please feel free to get in touch and share your feedback, comments, queries and concerns with us. 

We hope you enjoy finding out more about London's Artist Quarter as you go around the site!