Ears For The Eye


10 Feb 2017 to 04 Mar 2017
Opening times:

Fri & Sat 12-6pm

Alli Sharma / Clare Price / Jonny Briggs / EJ Major / Kevin Okafor / Kate Lyddon / Cathy Lomax / Adam Dix / Emma Cousin / John Banting

10 February – 4 March 2017

Arty launch & evening opening: Friday 24 Feb 6-9pm

We think naturally of sound when considering the ear, so there's a certain wilful perversity in making it the subject of a show of paintings, drawings and photographs with no sound directly featured. It does mean, though, that the walls have ears. And it provides an opportunity for different perspectives, looking at the ear as a design, signifier, analogy or symbol, and always with the sense that there is something beyond what we see.

There’s also writing for and on the ear: the accompanying issue of ARTY magazine will feature auricular contributions from such leading poets as Claire Crowther, Julian Stannard and Tamar Yoseloff, together with artists’ writings, and curator Paul Carey-Kent’s survey of the ear in art, from Bosch to Baldesarri via Vermeer, van Gogh and plenty of less obvious choices.

We hear it will be good…

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