Megan Macarte


Location: London

My practice re-imagines and re-contextualizes my immediate and past landscapes. In many ways, I transform them into each other. In doing so, I am examining how place affects my understanding of landscape.

Working with both urban and natural environments, and small communities within these, I focus on how they interrelate, resulting in a series of works directly related to my surroundings. I draw heavily on the landscapes of Appalachian North Carolina and Forest Hill, London in my works. I aim to create a body of work that integrates my lived and imagined experiences, focusing on rural and woodland ways of living both in London and in North Carolina.

I have created this body of work as a way of exploring my surroundings, expanding on and even continuing works created in the previous unit. My practice explores concepts of dwelling, longing, and nostalgia, and how place and landscape shapes and relates to these ideas.As my practice develops, I am focusing on ideas surrounding woodlands and small communities.

Viewing my practice as an ongoing process, I am looking to continue integrating my shared experiences with my art practice. Volunteering in Sydenham Hill Wood and singing Sacred Harp are examples of shared experiences with small communities. I am particularly interested in how being a part of these communities affects the landscape around myself and those experiencing my works from outside of these communities.


Fragments of the Fourth Wave, 2016
Wimbledon College of Art Final Show, 2015
Field Studies, 2014
The Interim, 2014