Flour Studio


Location: Lewisham
Website: ourflour.com

Flour is a London based studio working across the fields of public art, design and social inclusion. The studio is actively engaged in a new type of creative practice that reaches beyond specialist boundaries. Flour is focused in creating work in which the audience is engaged directly in the creative process and participants are encouraged to become co-authors and editors, as well as the spectators of the work.

Our vision is to make meaningful public art and design that redefines the landscape of collective participative practice. Our work can create an intense and long-lasting sense of ownership of shared spaces and experiences for its participants.

Flour studio creates and develops new art projects, products, services,
experiences and spaces. The studio also conducts a broad range of research
activities, educates, and provides industry and institutions with a range of
research and people-centric services.

The studio was founded in 2002 by Fabiane Lee-Perrella and Flour clients
and project partners have included: Lambeth Council, Future City, Allen & Overy, Refugee Council, NHS, Southbank Centre, Barbican, Network Housing Group, V&A. Cathedral, Crossway Foundation, as well as universities and schools throughout the country.