AnnaMaria Pinaka

Location: London, UK

My work is based on messy, ‘low/tech’ aesthetics, informed by the idea of diarism. It draws from the world of pornography and sexualized performance and often unfolds closely to my love and sex life. I work by responding to stereotypes, archetypes of images, symbols and emblems and the meaning they supposedly carry. My choices are invested in processes of emptying and filling the ‘meaning’ of the images I create. These ideas correspond to my interest in appearing and hiding and the oscillation between the private and the public, and in the construction of the I mostly film in my domestic spaces and when I am alone. The furniture and the surfaces are important to the aesthetic choices I make and I try to fit in and make my body/presence and my actions or gestures part of the same landscape. I also work with ‘life’/’non-art’ material – documents and recordings, and I experiment creating diaristic reports.

I also work as part of an artist duo with Jennifer Picken on our gender-play research project Daddy I am a Man ( We use mockery and play to explore our fantasies of masculinity and to experiment with ideas of reflection and seduction, finding pieces of ourselves inside the vulgarity and innocence of masculine and macho performativity. Exploring aspects of masculinity that we find alluring, repugnant, decadent, problematic, and ones with which we hold close and readily identify within our own fantasies of masculinity.


2014, Deep Trash Italia Eurosex Edition no.2, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London
2014, Impuritans, Trispace Gallery, London
2014, Queeristan Festival, Amsterdam
2014 Daddy, I am a Man! Residency with Jennifer Picken supported by the Artists Information Company with the New Collaborations Bursary, Amsterdam
2014 She Scares Me Little, Blush Bar, London
2014 Tastes Like Cherry Cola. Sessantanove, Valencia
2014 To Have and To Hold Expanded. X Marks the Bökship, London
2013 New Collaborations Bursary – with Jennifer Picken. Artists’ Network, London
2013 ‘Doing Your Dirty Work’, Centre for Sex and Culture, San Francisco
2013 ‘On the Job’ (for the Whitechapel Gallery), Art Car Boot Fair, London
2013 ‘To Feel Leaves’, Performance S P A C E, London.
2012 ‘Cheap Art’, Amsterdam.
2012 ‘Life Writing Workshop: Personal Story & Public Appearance’, Department of Cultural Studies of Tilburg University, Tilburg.
2012 ‘A Map of Misreading’, Tent, Rotterdam.
2012 ‘Hord&Borny’, Performance S P A C E, London.
2012 ‘Direct Action 12’, Plusnul, Berlin.2012 ‘CellaSallon 1’, Trangallan, London.
2012 ‘Lab Night’, Jubilee building, Roehampton University, London
2011 ‘Whether You Come Or Not I am Here’, Espacio Menosuno, Madrid
2010 ‘OYABORA’, The Garden, London.
2010 ‘De Zines’ La Casa Encendida, Madrid.
2010 ‘Peachy Coochy’ Toynbee Studios, London.
2010 ‘Exposicion de Artistas feministas en la Tabacalera’, Lady Fest, Madrid.
2010 ‘To Have And To Hold’ Launch Night at Transition Gallery, London.
2009 ‘Where is My Privacy?’ La Casa De Belle Arte, Istanbul. 11th International Istanbul Biennale parallel programme.
2009 Long Live Romance. Three weeks live art residency and series of workshops curated by Franko B, Macerata
2008 ‘Across the Grain’, The Forty Hall, Enfield, London.
2008 ‘MINE’, Saint Pancreas Crypt, London.
2007 ‘2x10’, UCA, Maidstone, Kent.
2006 ‘Eat Our Shorts’, National Film Theatre, London.
2005 ‘Naousa Film Festival’, Naousa.